The Reorganization Bureau


Annette de Groot has been working in the legal profession since 2012. She specializes in employment law, dismissal issues and reorganizations. Large and small. Simple and complex.

Annette now works for herself. She is an enterprising, creative and adventurous person who wanted a website that reflected this. See the result here!

What Annette says:

Whether you’re fooling around with a website yourself and need help with it, or want to hand it all over, Charlotte will help you. I already had the design of the website in mind and I had already ‘made’ it myself, but I got stuck time and time again because of lack of knowledge and often blind panic. Charlotte was always willing to help me in those moments. And in the end converted everything into a very nice website in no time. She made sure it became perfect. In terms of how it looks and how it works. It also feels good that if something is wrong, I can still call or app her. That’s very nice!

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